A long time ago, you likely learned that you had problems holding you back from your goals. And problems needed to be fixed.


So every day you did your best to fix yourself, or learned a new technique to fix what was wrong. You read the latest book on self-development. You tried even harder,  pushing yourself.


So did we. But one day we realised that none of this was working. Not pushing, and certainly not seeing ourselves as problems to fix. All it was doing was increasing our stress, taking us closer to burnout. Each of us pushes back if someone pushes us–even if that someone is ourself.

Because of that we tried differently, instead of harder. We turned cutting edge research on adult (and organisational) development into simple, easy-to-use patterns that anyone can learn and use. Then we created a safe space to practice in, and a group of like-minded people to practice with.


Until finally evolutesix was born: a growing group of practitioners and safe Dojos so that each could grow. So that each could be in flow, and make a difference to their world.


Whether you’re looking for a new job, starting a new business, fast tracking your career, or running your own company you can get farther when you master new ways of pushing your limits safely at evolutesix.

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