Who We Are


You’ll find it everywhere—posts encouraging people to push themselves to the limit to try new things.  “Be Better”, “Grow”, “See the world in a different perspective”, “Create a better version of yourself” these words are everywhere from social media to the book you’re reading.


But how many of these methods actually work? Judging by the number out there, and how often we’ve bought new books with new methods, very few work.


And how many people are there who go beyond reading the words by themselves,  face changes and alone push themselves out of their comfort zones? Not too many, actually.


The journey to personal growth is a lot like rock climbing. Imagine yourself standing in front of a rock just thinking about where to position for stable footing. Your motivation to climb is to see the world from the top of the rock. With just your eyes, feet, and hands as guide, the climb to the top will not only be risky but also rough and might even bruise and wound you. Especially if you are alone.


But with the right tools and the right mates, the climb is a lot safer, easier, and potentially faster.


EvoluteSix is a community of practitioners using a few evidence-based tools. We give you safe and reliable ways to make sure you don’t fall off during the climb. We will give you the rope, rappel devices, harnesses, and everything else that you need for climbing so even if you fall short on your step, you won’t fall to the ground.


We are professionals in our own fields who conduct one on one sparring and peer to peer developmental coaching and link this with organization design for productivity at all levels. EvoluteSix is a brand, a movement, and a community that aims to help you and guide you through the often bumpy path of personal, social, and professional development.


Headed by Graham Boyd and Marko Wolf the EvoluteSix trainers have years of experience and training that enabled us to choose the right and most reliable practices and ideologies for individual and corporate growth.


Take the first step towards the top. Go evolute!

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