The Story

The story of evolutesix is the story of us, living today. One of these stories delves deeper into the evolution of living, and how fast this evolution occurs over time. In the society we live in, people are forced to stretch just to cope with this fast-paced life. The knowledge village elders took to learn in their lifetime is now demanded from our 20 years olds.

But what does it really mean to have the wisdom of a wise village elder? How can a young person learn lessons that would normally take an entire lifetime? They may have learned it through word of mouth, through books, even through age-old philosophies and ideologies. But learning is just the initial step towards becoming wise, application is another story.

evolutesix understands that leveling up cannot be achieved simply by reading words and symbols from a textbook. You need methodologies, safety and sparring partners to climb that ladder that will take you to a better version of yourself.


At evolutesix, we will help you develop that muscle you need to build tenacity in life, and a map to understand the world in many different ways. evolutesix trainers are professionals with years of training that enable them to be proficient and effective guides for development.

We use evidence-based frameworks as the foundations of our work. We use Otto Laske’s Constructive Developmental Framework which proposes that each individual lives in a world of their own. This expands the constructive-developmental work of Robert Kegan. To make this easily accessible, we use as Ground Pattern a modification of Kegan’s Immunity to Change processes.


Other roots include the Spiral Dynamics-Integral of Don Beck and Ken Wilber, Positive Psychology of Martin Seligman et al., Non-Violent Communication of Marshal Rosenberg, the various methods in the Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter, Richard Wiseman’s research into Luck, and Timothy Wilson’s meta-analysis of what really works.

With evolutesix, becoming a better, wiser version of yourself will not be a one-way street. We are all practitioners, all learning and growing from each other.


There are no gurus in evolutesix.

We will train you and spar with you in the safety of the evolutesix Dojo. Either one-on-one or in small groups to ensure that you come out a better and equipped person than when you first arrived.

Find the best people and learn things the reliable way.

You don’t need to wait an entire lifetime. Evolute now.

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