FairShares Constitution

Fairshares constitution is a methodology that promotes a new approach to capital. It recognizes all capitals invested from diverse stakeholders. In evolutesix the primary stakeholders invest capitals related to entrepreneurial, labour, user and financial engagements. It goes beyond simple for-profit. Beyond simple social enterprise. It allows all stakeholders to have a fair share of the wealth generated by a business.

It includes social auditing tools to support developing of management of capital, ethical reviews on choice of goods and services as well as production and retailing processes, and specification of social purposes and auditing of its impacts to society.

Ensure equity for everyone

In a world where a share of the growth in company value and profit is typically reserved only for a privileged stakeholder type, we aim to be different. It is especially important for us in evolutesix that we structure our company according to the FairShares methodology.

We ensure that all stakeholders get an equitable return on their investments whether they are in the form of financial, intellectual, time, or social capital.

Having this structure makes it safe for everyone to engage fully, knowing that they still have a voice and voting power on how the company evolves. We believe that when everyone is guaranteed of a voice, they are motivated to do what they can in whatever way to support the success of evolutesix.


You are a major stakeholder in this business, it’s important for us that you feel that you’re getting the most out of your investment. You are a part of this endeavor, so your voice matters.

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